CONFERENCE 27-29 June 2018 Sofia

The AMH Conference 2018 is organised by the Association for Medical Humanities (AMH), based in the UK, and the Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria (MUS) – Centre for Language Training and Students Sports (CEOFVS). The Conference will be hosted by the Medical University Sofia under the auspices of the Rector Prof. Dr Victor Zlatkov, PhD.

The title of the Conference is “SHADOWS AND ASHES”. What might these symbols have to do with health?
These two evocative symbols have been in use from antiquity to modern times and are closely associated to ideas of disease, suffering and death. Yet, they also may signify resurrection and coming back to life. Together, they form two sides of the famous ancient dichotomy of darkness and light.

This year’s conference theme is centred on the idea of how humanities may help patients and their health carers rise from the ashes and defeat their shadows.

All health practitioners will be aware of the darkness and light that daily challenges them and their patients. When an external destructive force attacks in the form of disability or illness, how can health practitioners facilitate their patients to claw back some control? How can they maintain some optimism to sustain themselves in a working life-time of tragedy, grief and anger?

Amazingly, both symbols across various cultures turn out to have potentially positive connotations. The shadow may offer an opportunity for overcoming weakness through self- knowledge and determination. Ashes can mean resurrection, a new beginning.

The theme “Shadows and Ashes” (derived from the poetic description of man by the Roman poet Horatius “Pulvis et Umbra sumus” – We are ashes and shadows) provides a highly interdisciplinary platform for a diversity of perspectives and inquiries into the concepts of health and wellbeing by bringing the arts into conversation with health community and providing a focal point for those interested in developing the medical humanities as an inter-disciplinary study and practice.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Sofia!

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